Partner search

If you are searching for a distribution partner, or are looking for a local producer of your products in the C.I.S. — please contact us and we will search our net of contacts to find the appropriate partner for you.

Market survey

Are you looking for an expansion of you market into the C.I.S. countries? Do you want to find out the chances and possibilities to establish a successful business in the C.I.S.? Please make use of our market knowledge and let us make the market survey in order to give you a clear picture of how to proceed in this new market.

Country strategy planning

Relying on our market knowledge we would be glad to be involved in the discussions of how to enter a new market; sharing our experience with your wishes and expectancies in order to find a adequate way to profitable business.

Contract negotiations

When negotiating contracts, we can either act on your behalf, or we can act as interpreters in order to help you out with the trickiness involved in working with different languages and cultures. We can also just be present and try to objectively interpret your counterparty’s strategy.

Co-operation negotiations

In case you find a partner with whom you want to pursue further talks, we could be of assistance in negotiating the conditions for this co-operation, if you are looking for a Joint Venture, a licensing agreement or a distribution solution.

Establishment procedure

In case you are looking for an establishment on you own in the C.I.S. we can help you out in finding the right people for setting up companies, buying or leasing land etc. through our network of law firms in the countries.

Audit of potential partners

This is one of the most difficult things when you want to establish a partnership in an unknown market. We have local contacts that can do this job in order to secure that you do not start working with scrupulous people and companies.

Management for hire

In case that you can not find any appropriate managers, we can act in any management position for a limited period of time.

Board membership

in case you create your own company, or create a Joint Venture with a local partner; we can act as Board Member in order to secure, maybe jointly with yourselves, the right direction of the company in a new market.