Egli C.I.S. Consulting joins OIL Group
01.07.2010 [00:00]

Egli C.I.S Consulting enters into co-operation with consultancy company OIL Group, Stockholm, Sweden
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Agreement signed for market survey in Russia
23.02.2010 [00:00]

An agreement with Swedish company Minitube AB was signed for a market study in Russia.
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Phase II of three completed
29.12.2009 [17:46]

Phase II of market study completed for PLDS GmbH
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Market study contract signed
27.07.2009 [00:00]

Market study agreemen for German auto component manufacturer signed
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Contract signed with RTE-Group in Moscow.
15.04.2009 [00:00]

On 15th April an agency agreement was signed with RTE-Group, Moscow
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