PLDS GmbH returns to Egli C.I.S. Consulting
01.02.2011 [00:00]

Egli C.I.S. consulting helps PLDS GmbH with partner search in Russia
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Market Research for Euromaint Rail AB
10.01.2011 [00:00]

An agreement is concluded for a search of the Russian market for rail wagons repairs with Euromaint Rail AB
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Supplier Search for SolTech Energy
14.12.2010 [00:00]

Search for a new roofing glass tile upplier for SolTech Energy, Sweden
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Sales of CTEK battery chargers in Russia
10.12.2010 [00:00]

Agreement with CTEK to sell its battery chargers to OEMs and retailers in Russia
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System based Audit in Russia
01.12.2010 [00:00]

Swedish Development Advisers contracted Egli C.I.S Consulting for a Sytem based Audit in Moscow
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