SNS Väst - how to to business in Russia
07.05.2012 [00:00]

Per-Olof Egli talked about - How to do business in Russia - on a seminar held by SNS Väst in Gothenburg
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Project about Russian car makers to start
16.03.2012 [00:00]

Tillväxtverket finances a project for Egli C.I.S. Consulting to list CIS car makers for the Swedish Automotive Component Suppliers
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Agreement with FKG - project to Russia
31.08.2011 [00:00]

FKG - the Association of Scandinavian Auto-Component Producers is planning a trip to Russia with the help of Egli C.I.S. Consulting
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Agreement with Andersson Company
09.08.2011 [00:00]

Agreement wtih Andersson Company Byggnads helping out with contacts with Russian-speaking workers on the site.
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Co-operation with OIL Group cancelled
01.08.2011 [00:00]

As per 1st August the co-operation with OIL Group has been ended.
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